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Dec 3, 2012 8:30pm EST
not just people on the left or people on the right to motorcross the spectrum. and we saw a sort of bold experimentation at the beginning of the obama administration with the stimulus lobbying administration on its own deciding to expand the way it was tracking this kind of information. >> but there was massive under compliance. >> yes. >> and that is just it. the problem. you can have a great policy. >> we are talking about looking into the crystal ball and on stopping the plumbing. is this an area that bears constructive attention? >> absolutely. we do need greater disclosure. disclosure and transparency is the key. transparency for money and politics. these areas that we need to push for. the administration made valiant tries to my but they're is a lot of steam on that. >> without question then is to be greater transparency. >> oftentimes to people talk about campaign finance. and you know, in as surgeon respect they are, but in many respects it is about how people and close the political system and weighs as proportionate, sometimes it is disproportionate influence. whether it i
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
medicaid that obama put on medicaid, does that come out of the medicare program? >> guest: yes it does. it certainly does. part of the reason i like the right purpose on medicaid, essentially to broccoli and the program to the states -- this is not a cut in spending come up with in the future increases to population growth and inflation, something like that. we found the states do exactly what we did welfare in 1990s. most people on both sides argue well. the great thing about paul's proposal as it's not new stuff. a lot of it has to do is another context. what's new is he at the political courage and skill to put in a package you could pass out. >> host: the geo-plan is to create a fiscal crisis of them privatize social security and medicare. just go absolutely not true. looks great in the fiscal crisis is not done with medicare and social security right now. our aim is to say those programs and expand for future generations. right now everyone is paying them more than their parents and grandparents stood typically don't make sense if this will get considerably less. medicare doe
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
going on right now? >> well, they started out last year when they were working on the debt ceiling, and they had what are calledded the merlot and nicorette's meetings. in other words, boehner would have a merlot, and obama would chew nicorette. >> you point outside in the book somehow when they took the official photo, both of those vanished. >> yes. they had iced tea there for obama. of course, boehner had his seg represent, and they put the cigarette in the ashtray away for the picture, but they have not closed the deal on the personal relations, and that's a shame. i think if somebody, instead of sponsoring your breakfast and all, sponsor a weekly dinner between obama and boehner and everyone would agree to pay for it and let them just talk and get to know each other and see, you know, it's -- >> how much -- >> oh, that's right. what do you think? >> i think that's a great idea. [inaudible] a special room. >> i'm not sure -- [inaudible] >> yeah, okay, but, well, you know, but, i, you know, personal relationships, when john was the fbi spokensman, he was not helpful, but you cou
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
citizen here. i have great confidence the supreme court, given a ruling on the right to trial by jury, will affirm the right to trial by jury whether they were appointed by ronald reagan or president obama. so we'll have that fight on another day. i will say, though, that our oath of office says that we will defend the constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic. i met with cadets this week and they asked me about, what is the freedom we fight for? the freedom we fight for is the bill of rights, is the constitution. if we have careless disregard for the constitution, what are we fighting for? i i will tell you since i know this record of this debate will be widely read that i want to make former objection to the crazy bastards standard. i don't really think that if we're going to have a crazy bastard standard that we shouldn't have a right to trial by jury, because if we're going to lock up all the crazy bastards, for goodness sakes, would you not want if you're a crazy bastard to have a right to trial by jury? i think this is a very serious debate and should not be made frivol
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4